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Random stats: WARP speed

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Wins above replacement player (WARP) is a very meaningful statistic.  After all, we field the players we do because we’re (ostensibly) trying to win games.  Coming out of the break, let’s take a look at how WARPed the Cubs are so far.  Following are the WARP values for the Cubs’ hitters, extrapolated to the end of the season.  (The number is how many expected wins that player will earn the Cubs this year, over a “replacement level” player.)

Player   WARP-1   Player   WARP-1
Soto     5.0      Johnson  1.2
DeRosa   4.7      Cedeno   1.0
Lee      4.4      Ward     0.5
Ramirez  4.0      Hoffpauir0.5
Fukudome 3.6      Blanco   0.3
Theriot  3.2      Pie      0.1
Soriano  2.6      Murton   0.0
Fontenot 2.4      Patterson0.0
Edmonds  1.6

Also keep in mind, playing time is obviously a large component of WARP.  Soto should be a shoe-in Rookie of the Year.  His WARP is highest among rookie position players.  Also, DeRosa is having a very nice year.  And the pitchers:

Zambrano 4.8           Lieber   1.1
Wood     4.0           Howry    1.0
Dempster 3.8           Gallagher1.0
Harden   2.9 (w/ OAK)  Wuertz   0.6
Lilly    2.1           Cotts    0.6
Marmol   1.8           Eyre     0.4
Marquis  1.7           Hill     0.2
Gaudin   1.3 (w/ OAK)  Hart    -0.4
Marshall 1.2

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18 July 2008 at 3:36 pm

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