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Cubs 10 Diamondbacks 6

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AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Box score.  Some offense at last!  A back-and-forth game for a while tonight, but ultimately a solid win, and a great relief.  Lee starts the Cubbies off in the first with a homer, his first since June 20th.  A “hell yes” grand slam from Reed Johnson in the 8th made it 10-3. (Bob Melvin tried to argue a fan interfered, which a fan may have, but hey.  I think the ball ended up in a swimming pool.  Ah, Chase Field.)

Soriano’s return to the one-spot in the lineup was very nice to see.  He posts a 1-5, with a double and an RBI.

Lilly was all right, and got plenty of run support: 6 innings, 6 hits, 6 Ks, 3 walks, 3 ER.  He helped his own cause with an RBI single, a steal of third base, and a run.

I was watching this game on the FSN Arizona feed (sadly).  Apparently, there is a group of D’back fans called the Redheads.  This largely geriatric bunch not only really gets things fired up while lounging in air-conditioned Chase Field, but apparently keeps McCormick in the black, takes pride in naming itself after a fellow NL team, and wears either the most ironic or the most contraindicated T-shirts in baseball: “We need more signs!”  They had lots of signs.  Lots of signs.  FSN AZ devoted, I’d say, 20% of the broadcast to them.  Fantastic.

Aramis Watch:  Another frustrating game for sure for Aram-Ram.  He smashed a would-be home run just foul, and had a probably infield single ruled an error.  Then, he was picked off with the hit-and-run on.  He posts a (wait for it) 1-5, with a single to left in the 8th!  He snaps the 0-26, and scores a run.  Keep the faith!


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23 July 2008 at 8:45 pm

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